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Hi, I'm Rose!

Weddings have been a part of my life since I was six years old. Growing up as the youngest of eight cousins, someone was always getting married.

The summer of my 21st birthday, I started my career with weddings at an Alaskan lodge hosting ten weddings that first summer. Since then I've worked in floral design, photography, & the food/wine industries. In 2017, I toured California working event logistics at five different festivals, including Coachella.
Later that same year one of my best friends married her husband in Hilpostein, Germany and enlisted me to help with the coordination. Upon planning my own wedding to Hayden in 2019, I quickly realized planning was second nature to me and wanted to share that ease with other brides.

Weddings are my favorite events to plan because I love to plan weddings in particular because I relish witnessing the love between two partners, and I can experience how special these events are to friends and families.

From the initial consultation to all the way up to your honeymoon, you'll  have me as your wedding wing woman. Book a call with me today to chat about making your wedding dreams a reality.

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